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Bullying in Private School

prestigious all girls private school in New York is being sued by a Palestinian-American Muslim girls family for expelling her, allegedly because the student defended herself against a bully. The family of the girl has filed a lawsuit against the prestigious Hewitt School in New York City, alleging that the school expelled her for defending herself against a bully. The lawsuit claims that the student was expelled due to her national origin and religion after confronting a classmate who had threatened her life. The girl, who had attended the Hewitt School for three years and faced personal challenges when her father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, sought help from her teacher when a classmate threatened her, but was allegedly told to “just forget about it.” 

Despite enduring ongoing abuse, the girl confronted the bully during recess. Instead of addressing the bullying issue, the school allegedly responded by expelling the victim, leading the family to assert that it was an unjust reaction. The lawsuit accuses the school of a callous attitude towards the girl, particularly considering her father’s imminent death. It further claims that the expulsion and lack of investigation were based on the girl’s national origin and religion. The lawsuit alleges significant emotional trauma and psychological harm, citing violations of the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws.

While the school maintains that it stands behind its decisions, the lawsuit contends that the school breached privacy commitments by publicly disclosing the expulsion details. The legal action underscores the family’s pursuit of justice and accountability for the alleged discriminatory treatment of their daughter at the hands of the school.

You may read the entire story here at Yahoo! Lifestyle news.

The document alleges that when the girl asked her teacher for help, she was told to “just forget about it.”

Elise Solé

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