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Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC Attorneys at Law for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and beyond

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Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC

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Our attorneys represent people needing legal services in education law, ERISA law, insurance law, employment law and maritime law. Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC represents cases in New York, New Jersey, Florida and beyond. 

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SLK Law Group - Attorneys at Law

Our attorney team will be with you every step of the way, advocating for your rights while providing you with the compassionate legal guidance you deserve.

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Attorneys Experienced Across several legal practice areas

Experienced in a variety of legal services to meet a variety of growing needs


Providing the protection deserved for Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
ERISA Attorney

Education Law

Representing union members, administrators, teachers, students and more
Education Lawyer

Insurance Law

Covering numerous individual insurance
policyholders against large companies
Insurance Lawyer

Employment Law

Protecting individuals' violated rights by employers and former employers
Employment Attorney

Maritime Law

Enforcing treaties that govern private maritime business and other nautical matters
Maritime Lawyer

Mentionable Cases

Browse our selection of former cases that have made lasting impacts for major institutions
Legal Cases
Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC Attorneys at Law

Our attorneys work hard at staying up-to-date on all recent changes in regulations while providing compassionate guidance which every person deserves. We practice throughout New York state, including all five New York City boroughs, New Jersey, and Florida. We primarily practice solely within these areas but can also provide much needed representation, if required, elsewhere nationwide. 

MISSION – As the world has become complicated and complex, the legal services lawyers offer must be prepared and willing to respond accordingly. It is critical for a client today to hire experienced attorneys with the knowledge and skills to fit the client’s situation. At Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC, we have concentrated in the fields of ERISA law and other insurance litigation cases, employment law, education law, plus maritime and admiralty law to protect peoples’ rights and get them the benefits they deserve.

Attorneys at Law
Delivering Justice

Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC is one of the top law firms in New York, providing unmatched legal guidance and representation to clients in the Tri-State area and as far as Florida. We have attorneys who specialize specifically within education law, ERISA regulations (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) as well insurance practices such as employment issues or maritime and admiralty litigation. This ensures we are always prepared for any situation which may come up during your journey at school or work. Contact us today!

Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC Attorneys at Law New York
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Experienced in a variety of legal services for New York, New Jersey, Florida and Beyond

Attorneys At Law Expanding Legal Practice Areas

Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC has been providing high quality legal services for over 30 years. Over the course of our tenure, we have seen how quickly things can change and have created resources, developed skills to make sure that your needs are met no matter what they may be. Throughout those years, our expertise has grown permanently into other states and across the country.


What our clients say

STEWART LEE KARLIN pretty good professional wonderfully articulate. I have never needed a lawyer before, but STEWART LEE KARLIN LAW GROUP, P.C. helpful for the best part of my victory!

Caline Tiloro


After a single call to Karlin Law Group, I knew where I stood. Dan filed the suit and won. Just like that. After months of sleepless nights and hundreds of hours searching for the right lawyer, the victory happened in a heartbeat. All thanks to Dan at Karlin Law Group.

George Shaw

Business Coach

I am very lucky to find Mr. Stewart and retained his office to help me resolve my vehicle Insurance claim. He was able to get this claim taken care and get me the amount that I deserve within a couple weeks. I will refer his service to anyone with no doubt. Again thank you Mr. Stewart!!!

DJ Colon

CEO, Expert

I hired Stewart Karlin as my Attorney on two separate occasions. Each time he proved to be incredible. His successful defense of my job helped improve my position at work. As a result, I am still happily employed well past my retirement age.

Tova Farkas

Office Manager

Superb knowledge of employment law, fabulous at negotiating and speaking frankly and directly about the issues at hand.

Robyn Coghlan


I’ve known and used Stew Karlin for almost a decade now as an advisor for business related legal planning. He is extremely knowledgeable, knows the laws in and out, and does an amazing job helping you future proof your business.

Filip Galiza

Business Owner
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