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Law Firm Faq

Our consultations are always free. As for the legal fees, this is something that is discussed once we understand your case.

Before coming to our office, we will tell you over the phone all the items you will need to bring for your first visit.

We can handle cases mostly in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, but we have represented cases in several other states. 

Yes our staff is fully fluent in Spanish.


ERISA is a federal law that governs employee benefit plans in the United States. ERISA protects the interests of employees and their beneficiaries by requiring plan sponsors to provide plan information and establish standards of conduct for plan managers and other fiduciaries.

ERISA does not apply to government plans or church plans.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 governs the majority of employer-provided health insurance, pension, investment, and profit-sharing plans.

Education Law FAQ

These legal experts work on behalf of students, teachers, unions and institutional administrators, setting standards for both public primary schools and university systems, as well as private school systems.

In general, the education lawyer is a legal professional who can help you with interpreting laws related to schools, classrooms and administrative matters. They are knowledgeable about the constitutional aspects of these types of regulations as well!

The education lawyer’s role is to help those who have been wronged in an educational setting — from preschool through postgraduate school; from teachers and unions to administrators. They handle a variety of issues, including civil rights cases and Title IX offenses as well special needs for students with disabilities.

Employment Law FAQ

An employment lawyer is someone who can help work towards resolution when there’s been a problem between employers and employees. They can help both sides get the best possible outcome for their circumstances by helping them understand how law applies in these situations so there are no costly mistakes or unforeseen consequences down line

Employment attorneys deal with any aspect of employment. They can help you address discrimination, wage and hour issues, safety under the Occupational Safety & Health Act and anything related to your role as an employee in a company or organization

Insurance Law FAQ

Insurance attorneys are the voice of their clients during an insurance claim. They handle several aspects from accident or damage, reconstruction to negotiations, making sure that all rights are protected for both parties involved in any dispute.
They work for you until payment is made by the insurer’s settlement or an amount is offered after investigating facts surrounding the situation have been fully decided.

An insurance lawyer can help you get the most from your policy. They are experts in reading between all of those lines and knowing how much coverage is enough for any given situation.

They will advise, represent in court or other proceedings if necessary for the best outcome possible on behalf of both parties involved.

Maritime Law FAQ

Maritime lawyers are the legal representation you need if your boat runs into trouble. They can handle cases from court proceedings all the way up to drafting contracts for injured sea goers, making sure they have what it takes not just on land, but at sea too!

Maritime attorneys are involved in a wide range of legal matters, including trying cases, marine insurance issues, drafting contracts and agreements to suit any need while also handling complaints about injuries or illnesses caused by maritime vessels. They also help those involved with commercial shipping and cargo operations and complaints about injuries/illnesses caused by various types of marine vessels (or ships) which may include toxic chemicals being dumped into our waters.

Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group PC FAQ New York Attorney


Providing the protection deserved for Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

Education Law

Representing union members, administrators, teachers, students and more

Insurance Law

Covering numerous individual insurance
policyholders against large companies

Employment Law

Protecting individuals' violated rights by employers and former employers

Maritime Law

Enforcing treaties that govern private maritime business and other nautical matters

Mentionable Cases

Browse our selection of former cases that have made lasting impacts for major institutions
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