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Legal Practice Areas Across States

Legal practice in New York, New Jersey and Florida

Working on three decades of service, we have provided high-quality services to our clients primarily in the five boroughs within New York City, including New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island plus in Nassau and Westchester Counties as well. Over the past decade, we have grown into New Jersey and Florida, representing cases in insurance law, education law, employment law, ERISA law, specifically short term and long term disability claims, plus discrimination and harassment cases as well as maritime and admiralty law.

Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC Service Areas Including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and Beyond

As the world becomes more and more complicated, practicing law is no exception within that movement. That is why we have expanded our reach beyond New York and into other coastal states such as New Jersey, and Florida.

At Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC, we have concentrated in the fields of ERISA law, insurance law, education law, maritime law, and employment law for over twenty-five years. We understand what it takes to win cases and continue to serve justice in our communities.

our mission

Serving Communities in legal practice areas

Many people in today’s world are struggling with complicated and complex issues. The legal services lawyer’s offer must be prepared to respond accordingly, which is why it’s critical for those afflicted to hire experienced New York attorneys that know how to best suit their situation. Our mission is to provide high-quality service across all areas of ERISA law, employment law, education law, insurance law, and maritime law, continuing to bring justice to people and our communities.

Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC Service Areas Including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida

Daniel Edward Dugan

Specializing in employment litigation, education and insurance law, detailed in interviewing clients, drafting notices of claim, motions, discovery documents and appeal documents.

Natalia Kapitonova

Specializing in employment, education and insurance litigation. Draft appellate briefs, memoranda of law, and petitions for special proceedings.

Stewart Lee Karlin

Attorney Stewart Karlin specializes in ERISA law, insurance law, education law, employment Law, maritime law and more.

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What people say

I hired Stewart Karlin as my Attorney on two separate occasions. Each time he proved to be incredible. His successful defense of my job helped improve my position at work. As a result, I am still happily employed well past my retirement age.

Tova Farkas

Office Manager

Superb knowledge of employment law, fabulous at negotiating and speaking frankly and directly about the issues at hand.

Robyn Coghlan


I’ve known and used Stew Karlin for almost a decade now as an advisor for business related legal planning. He is extremely knowledgeable, knows the laws in and out, and does an amazing job helping you future proof your business.

Filip Galiza

Business Owner
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