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You buy insurance policies to protect yourself and your family. When a disaster hits you and or your family, when you are diagnosed with an illness, need long-term care, you start to heavily depend on the insurance company to be there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out this way. Sometimes insurance companies fail to live up to their own terms of their policies and your claims start to be denied, hitting you with enormous expenses, not to mention the cost of your premiums over your insurance policies lifetime.

When events such as these happen, an insurance lawyer, specializing in insurance law in multiple states, can help you the individual policyholder fight the insurance companies and try to help you in getting back on your feet.

Insurance Law: ERISA Law, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability

Over the years Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC has represented numerous individual insurance policyholders against large companies. Contact us today and see how we can be of help.

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If a person is represented by a qualified attorney there is a greater chance of success than if the person does not hire an attorney. Here, we can be able to get your claims approved, stop your disability claim from being terminated, negotiate your disability policy settlement, or handle your lawsuit or appeal. We also help professionals and clients that have been unfairly denied short-term disability or long-term disability benefits.

Disability Insurance is a purchased coverage to protect an employee from lost pay while he or she is unable to work i.e., disabled. The disabled income is paid to the employee in the form of disability insurance weekly or monthly.

General-Disability Insurance benefits an individual who is not able to perform any job that he or she is qualified for due to an injury or sickness. If the policyholder can perform a certain job position he or she is qualified for or cannot recover.

Occupational-Disability Insurance: This benefit is for a person that cannot do his/her regular job duties due to an injury or a sickness.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) typically dictates long-term disability claims. Many individuals purchase long-term disabilities policies through their employer and therefore are subject to restrictive ERISA regulations. A specialized ERISA disability attorney such as the individuals at Stewart Lee Karlin Law Group, PC have the experience to handle long-term ERISA disability claims. Since ERISA is incredibly complicated and complex only a team of attorneys with experience in all aspects of ERISA disabilities claims can assure your needs are met.

Our law firm has the comprehensive experience and requisite expertise necessary to help you navigate matters of education law, employment law, maritime and admiralty law, and insurance law. We are an experienced ERISA law group, with the ability to assist you to expedite a claim for long-term disability compensation, to help you understand newly-implemented provisions of your employer’s retirement health plan, or to pursue litigation seeking redress of unfair practices or inequitable application of the law. A team of trained ERISA lawyers will be an invaluable resource if you seek additional information about your rights if you have a disputed claim, or in cases where monies are past due or have been improperly withheld.
We also represent beneficiaries in cases where enrollment in a plan has lapsed or been terminated, or if benefits have been incorrectly allocated, are past due, or are being denied without a valid reason. 

Individual state insurance statutes do not apply to ERISA employment law, which is interpreted in accordance with federal guidelines. Because federal statutes preempt individual state laws for self-insured plans, our New York ERISA long-term disability lawyers can offer guidance no matter what state you actually are in or where your employer’s home office might be located. In addition to New York, our attorneys are licensed to practice in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida as well. We urge you to contact our ERISA benefits attorneys for an initial consultation regarding your personal concerns.


Here, we can be able to get your claims approved, stop your claim from being terminated, negotiate a policy settlement or handle your lawsuit or appeal. We also help professionals and clients that have been unfairly denied insurance benefits.


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